Our painstaking restoration of Claude Garamond’s typographic masterpiece has been a real labour of love for the Hicksons, finally coming to fruition during the 2020 lockdown.

Paul drew on his extensive research conducted years earlier at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, studying in particular Claude’s early designs, before creating the letterforms for Garamond Royale.

This classically elegant single weight serif contains multiple ligatures & figure sets, plus small caps and an extended latin character set.

Not to be outdone, Paul’s wife Patricia drew 26 individual floral illustrations by hand, one for each capital letter, which became the frames for a decorative set of gorgeous Initial Caps.

This separate Garamond Initials font contains beautifully ornate initial capitals in 2 variations; white on black characters fill the upper case slots with the reverse option occupying the lower case positions.

In the same year that President Macron presented London with the Légion d’honneur these typefaces are London Type’s celebration of the long standing alliance with France.



Garamond was one of the first punch cutters to work independently of printers




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