LDN Borough is one of a pair of high-contrast sans serif headline typefaces designed by Paul Harpin. LDN Bermondsey has the fine contrast strokes in the centre of the letter. This one, LDN Borough, has the fine lines on the horizontal access at the top and bottom. Paul was surprised how this gives the two faces such totally different styles within mostly the same outer letterform.

Borough was the first and only Borough of London — from a time when the only area south of the City of London over the old London Bridge (first built by the Romans In 43-58 AD) was called the ‘Borough’.

“Recently on their uppers, these two ancient areas are my favourite places to eat, drink, hang out and see new art”, says Harpin. Modern Borough is a buzzing area — the home of numerous gourmet food stalls, first class restaurants and great pubs like The George. There are also plenty of specialist shops nearby — including Paul’s favourite print supplier on Southwark Bridge Rd: Intaglio.

LDN Borough is an elegant single weight display face with bags of style. Take it for a spin!







LDN Borough is one of a pair of high-contrast sans serif headline typefaces designed by Paul Harpin.


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